Jim is the mythical beast who works at every office in America. But he is almost present. The last time he was present at work was last year before Christmas
Boss: yeah once your done with that 710.30 put it on Jims desk
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nickname for James.
Other examples of such nicknames include: Jimmy, Jimmie, Jimbo, Jamie, and many others.
Psst...I think Jim has a crush on Carol.
by Brittany Perrault April 15, 2008
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Yet another name of Rosie Lambert, Manchester Road.
Adrian: Jim, look after my laptop please, those kids are going to steal it!

Jim: Yes of course my dear
by $ukh February 1, 2007
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Someone that is unfiend.
Person is commonly found in or around places where he should not be and/or is not wanted.
"Look at Jim over there eating a Chipotle Salad"

"Hey, check out Jim doing dumbell curls in a wifebeater"
by Some Fiend February 11, 2009
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The ultimate word modifier. Used to accentuate any type of feeling, behavior, or action.
Man I'm so fucking Jim-hungry right now. I could really go for a Jim-delish burger and fries.
by Skone82 March 7, 2009
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A Jim is an extreme hangover following moderate drinking. When your head throbs and your stomach turns, this is a Jim.
Drank a whole two pints last night; I have a right Jim on today.
by M.Toxi February 9, 2007
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To jim is to rage, to mess up, to ruin everything, and to simply fail.

A: I almost completely rocked minigolf last night
B: Ah shit i hope you didnt jim it!
A: Hell no man i dont jim anything, youre the one always jimming things.
B: Scoreboard


A: Aww crap i jimmed my car last night.
B: Again? Didnt you just get it? How fast were you going?
A: Ya i got it about a month ago. I was going 125 in a school zone.
B: Way to be a jim.

by 808hb February 9, 2009
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