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1. Noun (Jim/Jims) : An individual of any age (but often a senior citizen) who uses technology and social media in an awkward and unfamiliar manner.

2. Verb (to Jim/Jimming/Jimmed): To make a mistake or behave in a manner characteristic of a Jim.

(Originates from the popular “Please Show To Jim ! ! HA ! ! HA ! !” and its spin-off groups on Facebook)

Note: Jim is a gender neutral term, but alternatives such as “Jimette” and “Jimberly” are sometimes used. There are also terms for sexually aggressive Jims (Bobs) and bigoted Jims (Butch the Bigot).
“Mom, you don’t need to type a web address into Google. You’re such a Jim!”

“I accidentally posted while trying to search, I just Jimmed hard”

“My grandmother just wrote ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY,,,cHAD’ in a comment on an Applebee’s ad. She truly is the queen of Jims
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by smchl October 02, 2017
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Jim, a cheeky, bearded motherfucker who looks like he hasn't showered in days.
Oi Jim! Yer a cunt.
This is a Jim, if it doesn't shave for a week, its body hair matches that of a homo habilis as well.
by Jim Zeelen June 06, 2015
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Someone who talks down to or belittles someone else or basically treats that person as if they are of a lower life or class. This is best exemplified (and named after) in the popular show "The Office" when Michael or Dwight do something silly and Jim gets that look on his face like Michael and Dwight are children. The person who acts like he is in someway superior to other people is the "jim."
Wow, that kid's being such a jim.

I just told a joke but my friend didn't like it and was being a jim about it.
by MichaelGaryScottxxx August 19, 2011
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Someone that is unfiend.
Person is commonly found in or around places where he should not be and/or is not wanted.
"Look at Jim over there eating a Chipotle Salad"

"Hey, check out Jim doing dumbell curls in a wifebeater"
by Some Fiend February 11, 2009
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Guy A: Yo man, how u feeling?
Guy B: Sh!#
Guy A: Why what happened?
Guy B: I got JIMMED! My bestfriend hooked up with my girlfriend!
by Monsterpiggy December 05, 2010
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The ultimate word modifier. Used to accentuate any type of feeling, behavior, or action.
Man I'm so fucking Jim-hungry right now. I could really go for a Jim-delish burger and fries.
by Skone82 March 07, 2009
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