nickname for James.
Other examples of such nicknames include: Jimmy, Jimmie, Jimbo, Jamie, and many others.
Psst...I think Jim has a crush on Carol.
by Brittany Perrault April 15, 2008
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Yet another name of Rosie Lambert, Manchester Road.
Adrian: Jim, look after my laptop please, those kids are going to steal it!

Jim: Yes of course my dear
by $ukh February 1, 2007
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Someone that is unfiend.
Person is commonly found in or around places where he should not be and/or is not wanted.
"Look at Jim over there eating a Chipotle Salad"

"Hey, check out Jim doing dumbell curls in a wifebeater"
by Some Fiend February 11, 2009
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The ultimate word modifier. Used to accentuate any type of feeling, behavior, or action.
Man I'm so fucking Jim-hungry right now. I could really go for a Jim-delish burger and fries.
by Skone82 March 7, 2009
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A Jim is an extreme hangover following moderate drinking. When your head throbs and your stomach turns, this is a Jim.
Drank a whole two pints last night; I have a right Jim on today.
by M.Toxi February 9, 2007
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To jim is to rage, to mess up, to ruin everything, and to simply fail.

A: I almost completely rocked minigolf last night
B: Ah shit i hope you didnt jim it!
A: Hell no man i dont jim anything, youre the one always jimming things.
B: Scoreboard


A: Aww crap i jimmed my car last night.
B: Again? Didnt you just get it? How fast were you going?
A: Ya i got it about a month ago. I was going 125 in a school zone.
B: Way to be a jim.

by 808hb February 9, 2009
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Jim (1) - a comedic way of spelling gym among

gym rats.
Jim (2) - Also means gym.
Jim (3) - Could be the name of a person as well.
Gym bro (1): I am not happy, what shall I do?
Gym bro (2): No happy? We go jim now!
by mrzondo332 June 22, 2022
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