35 definitions by Joshua

A term used to describe the simultaneous insertion of middle and ring fingers in the vagina and the thumb into the anus.

Comes from the rhyme:
Two in the Pink,
One in the Stink.
I don't know exactly how we got to talking about the violator, but at least you learned something new.
by Joshua January 29, 2004
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decendent of the word snatch meaning pussy cunt pink eye etc
man did you see the tawala on that striper?
by Joshua March 13, 2005
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Expression meaning, in basic terms, "Woe is me!"; crap; poop
*after stepping into dog poop with my new Manolo Blahniks* "Oh, shart on a tart! I stepped into dog poop with my new Manolo Blahniks!"
by Joshua September 28, 2004
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Escapetwice.com raped my dog, killed my sex drive, and drove my pimply teenage son to suicide!
by Joshua October 17, 2003
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Being very exicited about something
Being very happy about something
And the Cars are Like WHOO WOOOOOOO
by Joshua February 01, 2004
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sippin' on a pint of yac
by Joshua February 04, 2004
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1)the inability to support crazee ideas

2)the inability to catch and/or
spell due to a lack of common sense
1)"it appears that you have a put a zetter on my idea"

2)"What a Zetter!"
by Joshua July 04, 2004
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