35 definitions by Joshua

a pronoun given to a man or boy, showing some but not much respect.
"Hey mistore, what's up?"
by Joshua February 26, 2005
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Those 12-14 year old girls who dress like underaged prostitutes..generally found hanging around malls.
Though they may not look like it, Prostitots are still illegal to touch.
by Joshua January 18, 2004
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The shizzle of the nizzle at universitizzle of vermizzle.
we need parvez before we go drizzle the vizzle.
by Joshua March 09, 2003
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to be blaintly or offensivly gay; overly flaymboyant or Josh. Also its a small rock.
Gosh that boy is pithque. hey look at that pithque on the ground...i guess that works for either huh..?
by Joshua January 06, 2005
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To Give or Recieve Oral Sex(head;blow job)
come here ma gimme' some popi
by Joshua April 18, 2005
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