away from the correct path or direction.
away from the right or good, as in thought, straying to or into wrong or evil ways.
a bullet went astray and killed a bystander
by esampa July 27, 2006
Cute seggc carti stan that turned gay for carti
call me astray cuz carti so seggc he be making me feel gay
by astray! February 21, 2021
To be fooled or gotten advantage of ..
Dealer : we don’t got no mo gas

Haha Davis : I’ve been lead astray !
by Faawkyoumean April 17, 2019
Leading astray is where you tell a bunch of people abt what someone can do then that person has to be able to do it without you telling them how
I promise bean I won't lead you astray i havent in minuets. Leading astray
by nigward February 2, 2019
To "Pull an Astray" is to masturbate 24/7
I want to shoot something in apb, don't Pull an Astray guys
by Duskspeed October 6, 2011