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A feeling of contentment and peace, like you don't need anything else.
Dude 1: If you could have anything right now, what would you have?
Dude 2: Nothing, man. I'm happy as is.
by M. M. S. January 05, 2006
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what everyone wants to be without the aid of mind-altering substances
if you need drugs to make you feeel happy, then you're not really happy
by frsky August 01, 2007
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it means that you are very exited about things and have no bad feelings about anyhing that will happen to you!
i am very happy today!
by Mrs.Blondy Hair May 06, 2017
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Happy is a song that was written and produced by the very talented Pharrell Williams. It is truly a song that will make you feel alive and in a very special warm and fuzzy space. It is an elixir for all that ails you.
If you listen to Happy while traveling to work, you will be in a very positive frame of mind all day long.
by PY Love and Peace March 20, 2014
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