When obese bitches wear tops/pants 5 sizes too small with their flab hanging out everywhere
*sees a fatass wearing tight clothing*

"*Shiver* That should be illegal"
by T1GEREYEZ July 05, 2005
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when, after you sober up, what you felt was cool, actually has consequences.
When l got back from Vegas my bank said my account was overdrawn. That's illegal!
by Carlos Mack December 10, 2007
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Any thing fun or good.
every thing fun is illegal, any more need to be said.
by Hoolyo Lugo June 06, 2009
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illegal is mereley a word, made up by government officials and law makers who introduce laws to benefit themselves,corporations and governments, and disadvantage the people.
Great idea mr howard on introducing those new laws , i really like the gun control, terrorism laws, rioting laws and workplace laws, now the australian people have no weapons, they are survallianced, they cannot riot over it and have shit workplace conditions, there modern day slaves.
Thanks , i learnt these skills from the illegal bush administration
by Immortal_technique October 29, 2007
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When something is waaaay to gud to even be legal
Her ass is so fat its illegal , The car look so gud its illegal.
by KejuanFamous January 26, 2015
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something you do ALL the time, but you never get caugt doing so.
Word 2: Something you can do when cops are looking.
The illegal beer is for the Cop Party.
by anonymous July 09, 2003
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Against the law.
Can put you in jail.
I am underage, therefore illegal to any being over 18 years old. Sickos.
by anne on a moose February 15, 2007
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