To physically leave a place due to hopelessness, or mentally remove oneself from a situation due to frustration or lack of interest.
When there is blight as far as the eye can see, it's time to check out.
by Nurse_Midlo February 13, 2015
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to check someone out, is to look them up and down and assess how atracted to them you are, based on physical apearence only. Can be done by both males and females. If your a straight guy, you would "check out" girls but not other guys - even if you apreciate that they are atractive, this is different to being atracted to them. Obviously if your bi or gay this would change according.
"Why don't we go check out those cute girls?"
by Tfairy April 4, 2009
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To look at someone's features in order to determine that person's level of sexual attractiveness and the extent to which you would like to chuck it in her/have him chuck it in you.
After I nailed her little sister and didn't call back, Kim went on a major bitching tirade. I didn't mind though, since she was wearing a low-cut shirt and it gave me a good chance to check out her amazing rack.
by Nick D March 8, 2006
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an inmate's request to be moved to a different housing unit; typically out of fear of the other inmates.
Kevin is a snitch; so I'm bout to kick his ass and make him check out.
by MODOC December 28, 2011
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The Truth Verified On The Spot With No Questions Asked, Big Facts.
Where are you? At probation bout to fail this piss test. "That Checks Out"
by SUGE WHYTE September 9, 2019
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The days leading up to your vacation/holiday, when you are no longer interested in work. You show up for work, but you are mentally "checked out."
I need to complete this project, but my vacation starts in two days. I can't seem to concentrate. I've completely checked out.
by heathenkitties December 17, 2016
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The period of time after you have given notice of resignation from a job before you actually leave. When you don't care about the work you are doing anymore or the general welfare of the business or the staff.

This can also be apply to someone who doesn't care about their job anymore and is about to quit.
Example: Hey Bob have you got those reports ready for Monday? Naah, I'm totally checked out.
by 1man April 3, 2008
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