A young girl with too much makeup and not enough clothes.
That prostitot should put on some clothes.
by Jason December 18, 2003
8-12 year old dancers at Abby Lee Dance Studio (Reign Dance) in costumes for their "Electricity" number, and "What Comes Around" number.
"Its just embarrassing for our daughters to be up there looking like that. They look like prostitots."

"When Abby walks in with these costumes, all I'm thinking is: This is prostitots the sequel."
by Dance Moms Definitions August 11, 2012
A dyslexic 12 year-old girl who thinks she's 21 and dresses accordingly. Thongs, tank tops, short skirts and other revealing clothes are the hallmarks of the prostitot.
Prostitot: Want a lapdance?
Guy: What are you, like 12? I'm no pedophile
by DUTF September 28, 2005
Those 12-14 year old girls who dress like underaged prostitutes..generally found hanging around malls.
Though they may not look like it, Prostitots are still illegal to touch.
by Joshua January 18, 2004
(n) 1. Young Girl who dresses in a scandelous manner. 2. Female preteen intent on attracting adult men.
That prostitot is showing her diaper.
by Aaron Sinwell August 28, 2005
A very young, scantily dressed/provocitavly clad teenager. Usually between the ages of 9-15.
A prostitot is a young girl trying to look sexy and cool, but ends up looking like a little prostitute, and thus called a prostitot
by CGAquaholic May 22, 2006
A white trash young girl around the ages of 10-15 who acts and dresses like an older white trash woman, specifically a Prostitute.
Hey look at those Prostitots over there...they should put some clothes on.
by Haley Boppins July 13, 2004