Decent IRC program that Linux and Mac users whine about because it started on Windows.

It's primary flaw is that you are required to look at the programmer's hideous face everytime you start the program.
The creator of mIRC gets a little uglier with each passing version.
by Clayborne Harris March 31, 2004
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a great irc client, which has its own scripts and scripting language....probably the language is copyrighted
mIRC is cool. u can go on 400 servers at once.
by foodo June 8, 2005
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An excellent IRC client for Windows (and Linux's Wine emulator), featuring a great (yet abused) scripting language and plenty of features.

This program was once "uncool" as all the 31337 haxx0rs used BitchX. BitchX featured stupidly-funny quit messages, was text based (and thus required intelligence), and, ironically, had a "documented feature" which by default sent the developer your log files. (The developer, panasync, once called himself "The King of Backdoor Scripts")

As time went on, BitchX was basically abandoned and lost its cultural relevance, and mIRC was finally given its proper respect. Linux users often use XChat, as well as other text-based clients such as ircii.
<geraldholmes> I love mIRC, it's a great IRC client.

<tuxnerd> I'm a Linux user, so I use XChat, but sometimes run mIRC under Wine.
by IRCFan July 7, 2009
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An IRC Client for Windows.
First version released February 28th, 1995.
It is pretty much the most popular IRC client in the world, to date.
Has it's own Scripting language which allows you to create all kinds of "Sub-Programs" known as scripts.
Any n00b can create a small code in a matter of minutes from the first time he/she started scripting in it.
Doesn't take much of your memory.
Created by Khaled Mardam-Bey, as freeware at first.
But has turned into Shareware, requiring the users to register their copy, in 2004.

Many losers who try to script in mIRC don't want to view the help file, and always come begging for me to help them.
It gets really annoying.
by Trashlord October 10, 2005
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An IRC client that usually costs $30. Every time you load up, the ugly ass programmer comes up and informs you you have to register.
The screen came, showing an ass ugly face and a warning that I'd had mIRC for 30 days without paying for it. Fuck this, I'm going to download something else.
by somebody, someone November 8, 2007
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Internet Relay Chat

mIRC is one of the many clients which allow you to connect to different IRC servers.
by cRiP April 28, 2004
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she is an amazingly kind person with a dark side. she hides her sadness under a thick cote of love and laughter. She will always be a loyal friend and a GREAT person. She wont share her feelings until she's completely comfortable but once she does it will be a once in a lifetime opportunity.
by Abie_Dank January 12, 2018
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