he is for less, doing all of that lying
by George Courtney February 23, 2004
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Use this expression with some news you´re sure that will surprise the other person.
Haven´t you seen the game?! The Dodgers won, no less!
by guilherme lima November 16, 2007
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A word used to describe the word Let's but in an extremely thug-like way.
Less go Cardinals!

Less go. Show me the biggest doo in the room!
by Thuglife314 April 1, 2011
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A contraction of "Let's See". Can be used as either street slang, or internet slang. Also spelt "Lessee".
Uber-1337 version would be 13553, although this is not commonly used.
You want a download from FilePlanet? Lesse what I can find...
by Avatar May 27, 2003
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You are all wrong.
Less means "bet" or "ok"
Mom: I'll bet there in a little bit
Son: Less
by tooskilledphil March 6, 2017
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another word for “say less” or “say no more”, meaning you fully understood and/or in agreement with what’s being said
Yo bro we out to game on friday?”
by IntellectualAvel February 28, 2020
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Karen was being so less today by bringing a $5 bottle of wine to this dinner party
by Don't be extra be less March 24, 2018
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