35 definitions by Joshua

The shizzle of the nizzle at universitizzle of vermizzle.
we need parvez before we go drizzle the vizzle.
by Joshua March 09, 2003
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to be blaintly or offensivly gay; overly flaymboyant or Josh. Also its a small rock.
Gosh that boy is pithque. hey look at that pithque on the ground...i guess that works for either huh..?
by Joshua January 06, 2005
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Escapetwice.com raped my dog, killed my sex drive, and drove my pimply teenage son to suicide!
by Joshua October 17, 2003
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decendent of the word snatch meaning pussy cunt pink eye etc
man did you see the tawala on that striper?
by Joshua March 13, 2005
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The act of defecating in the tank of a toilet. Also known as an upper decker.
I left them a top loader on my last day at the office.
by Joshua September 29, 2003
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