Leg warmers are those awful things that chicks used to wear around their ankles in the '80s. Yeah, you know what I am talking about. Rumors have it that they are coming back. Put it simply, I hope they don’t. I am sure it is just a quick/dying fad….

Ask someone who was in high school during that period. They can hook you up with all the leg warmer info that you want.
Leg wamers are bad. enough said...
by Doobie Smokes You January 22, 2005
When a girl decides that she is now 'serious' about dancing because she takes one hiphop class once a week and therefore has to get geared out. Cue sweatpants oversized teeshirts with the neckline cut out 'proffesional' dance shoes and of course leg warmers. And of course wear them to school so everyone knows just how much 'dancing is your life' even though no one cares or can see them.
I can't be a proper dancer without leg warmers look at flashdance
by Donatello February 24, 2006
Made popular in the 80's but no just looks silly. If you ever want a good lauph look up pictures of leg warmers.
OMG i look sexily gay in my leg warmers.
by jerryblank May 16, 2005
wife: Honey, I'm cold; turn up the heat.

husband: Babe, we don't need no heat I'll just give you an Alaskian leg warmer.
by shitter your friend August 11, 2009
A sexual act where the person sticks his/her leg into his/her anus whilst continually spinning it around.
That Mississippi Leg Warmer felt great! I love when you move your toes inside me.
by Yerran October 14, 2016
An article of clothing that can be either a very large pair of pants that can reach up as far as the breasts or a simple pair of overalls.
It goes without saying that leg and titty warmers keep you warm, but whether or not they are fashionable is uncertain.
by Iconoklastic~ June 24, 2010