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1. Someone who cluelessly (or in some cases pridefully) does things to piss off an established community, usually on the internet.

2. Someone with little to no netiquet.

3. A complete ****ing idiot who refuses to get the picture they aren't wanted somewhere. Again usually on the internet.
-Random Metal Message Board or Chatroom-


Poster-A: This is the metal board. Linkin Park isn't metal, they are pop-rock.


Person-A: Will a mod please ban this LAMER?
by Hic October 07, 2004
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Before the rise of the Internet, it was largely used amongst the Amiga pirate, as well as, the demo-scene community.
A lamer would be a wanna-be hacker with absolutely no coding/cracking skills at all.

Also, it was used as an insult between rival pirate groups.
Quartex are lamers!
Signed off, Paranomia.
by MEGAMIGA October 18, 2006
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Someone or something that is lame, although someone who uses the word 'lamer' would definatly not use the word 'lame'. The person in question is normally a fool, and very very annoying.
In a counter-strike server.

*dead*Player1:"I hate th is game, i jusst spent 3 hrs dwnlding a new patch n its still crap, and every1 cheets.
*dead*Afk | kestrel:"Don't play then"
*dead*Player1:"I wnna know how to hack, someone teach me"
*dead*Afk | Kestrel:"Type in your console 'bind mouse1 kill' and you'll kill everyone you fire at"
*dead*Player1:"How do i get down my consol"
*dead*Afk | Kestrel:"the key to the left of '1'"
(A few moments pass)
(The round restarts)
***Player1 Died
Afk | Kestrel:"Lamer..."
by Kestrel November 16, 2004
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Somebody idiotic who thinks they look/sound good to other people over the Internet, a complete half-witted simpleton.
They possess a tendency to tAlK lIkE tHiS or add lot's of random characters at the beginning and end of their screen name.
They like to hang around in chat rooms, tick folk off with their scrolling of macros and constant asking of "A/S/L???" and are usually in their teens.

They attempt to talk 'code' with you and identify themselves (unknowingly) as a 'script kiddy'.
They annoy the crap out of people over the net so innocently in their n00b like manner, yet..

They are almost amusing to MANY people.
Lamer: "sEnD mEh Da FuNkY wRitin."

PeggyLuXXX: "You mean the program of which changes your FONT?"

Lamer: "i want meh writin all coooooooooool."

PeggyLuXXX: "Go and download it from the web site I gave you."

Lamer: "carnt."

PeggyLuXXX: "*Sigh*.. Er, why? o_O."

Lamer: "duNNo 2 hard. a/s/l?????????????????????."

by PeggyLuXXX June 11, 2007
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Lamer is someone who thinks they are smart, yet are really a loser.
That hacker wannabe is really just a lamer
by erin May 05, 2003
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Phreaker/Hacker who has no real skills, but talks alot.
that fuuulll just got own3d nasty..lets see how long it takes that lamer to find out?
by LAMER October 04, 2002
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A "Lamer" a person acting lame, one who plays an online game deathmatch style or RPG's to enjoy him/herself disregarding others want to have fun playing that game too.

Basicly a Lamer is a coward, a camper, a troll, a cheater, anything that spoils the online gaming experience of others.
In a mmorgp a lamer would only combat much lower leveled players,
In an online shooter a lamer would hide and "frag" bypasser neglecting he has other goals to do, in team based games a Lamer will stick to the winning team even if its clear that changing would make the game more fun for everyone.
by static07 July 23, 2005
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