42 definition by JK

a place where teachers(drill sargents) are full of shit and many lives are lost each year.
Located in Westport, CT
Fuck, i'm going to Bedford.
by JK November 17, 2004

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cool, fine, excellent, nifty, swell
She snap. That some snap que. Snap threads, girl.
by JK December 18, 2003

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a cute, endearing or "baby-talk" term for "butt", "rump", "hind end", etc.
Toddler who's just fallen, "Waaaaaa!"
Consoling parent, "Awww, there there--did you fall and hurt your pookie?"
by jk June 27, 2010

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Malinky, an object or persons who is not worth describing or giving a name to. Used together with other insults to give a more confusing and irritating verbal attack.
your a stinky malinky
by jK July 15, 2004

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to sit on a toilet seat that has been urinated upon
He was ready to drop a duece but not knowing his friend went to the bathrom ealier, he was in for a slip n' slide.
by JK March 18, 2004

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A sexual position, most commonly used by donkeys.
"Come on baby, lets do it nmbla style."
"You mean like a donkey?"
by JK June 05, 2004

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whoops; darn; uh-oh; snap
Oh, crack! I spilt kool-aid all over the carpet.
by jk December 28, 2004

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