To root for or to support someone/something in spirit, much like praying except without the religious connotation.
1. It's the final match! Everyone channel for _____ to win!
2. Goku needs us! Everyone channel your spirit to him! SPIRIT BOMB.
3. Our team lost because the fans didn't channel hard enough.
by sSJump February 19, 2013
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In fictionary novels and many video, pc games, this ability is one that allows the posseser to read the thoughs and send msgs via eps. Stonger channels are able to "block" senders thoughts causing extream 'head achs' and loss of health to the channel. So its oponent has to have a toe to toe meeting with it's opponent. The channel needs a high emount of rest when this happens finding a place to sleep it off. Most can sense the aura of those around them and thier intensions without reading thier thoughs. With time, age and wisdome this ability gets stronger. Allowing for the healing of team members but, cannot heal itself. lemongrass, ginkgo leaf, lobelia, paul d' arco cut and hawthorn berries help the process. Knowing a move before an apponents is a hefty tool in any challange. some need potions or hevy hallucinogens to attan thier sights. Like in the movies, humans and mescaline or opium to do so. Do not take these drugs in real life. They are illigal and can extemely harm your nervous system.
Dave: What did you spawn your characture as? I chose a Mage for the scorcery capabilitys
Diomani: Dude, I went with a Paladin. A natural ability of sight and healing. I gave members seals to where so they undertsand thier paths in the journey.
Dave: What do I get?
Diomani: barbule feathers might be what you need man
Dave: Can you Channel though?
Diomani: yeah without a mirrior or board
Dave; cool man. I need to beef up my stats a bit
by msg4rmafll)wI November 18, 2009
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A "Channel" is the name of an individual "Chatroom" on IRC. Also Known As: Chan
<Cha> Hey, anyone wanna head over to my chan?
by Beska March 02, 2005
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