to invoke the style or characteristics of another person
by nickh December 13, 2007
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To root for or to support someone/something in spirit, much like praying except without the religious connotation.
1. It's the final match! Everyone channel for _____ to win!
2. Goku needs us! Everyone channel your spirit to him! SPIRIT BOMB.
3. Our team lost because the fans didn't channel hard enough.
by sSJump February 19, 2013
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Channelle's are often taken as conceited but are actually nice and are usually the baddest in school. Channelles are always classy and keep it real. All the females are jealous because Channelle is everything their not.
Guy: yooo look at Channelle

Girl: ugh what's so special about her
by Yeezus.y March 13, 2017
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The most amazing person ever... really nice, but if you mess with her she will stand her ground and kick your ass...
yo... that Channell dont take no crap from anyone.
by kathrynaldene April 11, 2009
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Channell is beautiful and unique in her own way, she doesn’t take no mess from nobody she doesn’t care who you are. She’s sweet but don’t test her. Channell is a boss, she’s loyal, she’s a queen she raised two beautiful princesses are they respect her so much.Channell is a very joyful person to be around with you would never catch her not smiling because that’s just who she is. Channell is great, and she’s an awesome friend to be around with
I love channell she’s so wonderful. I wish I was a channell. Channell is a great friend. I love her
by Itsssss.jasmineee73 June 24, 2019
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to change the station on the television or the radio.
"I want to watch lifetime movie network, can I channel it? "
by Smokingjoe April 21, 2009
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When you make a mold of your vaginal canal.
And use it as a strap on, to turn your man into a pillow biter.
I totally channeled that dude last night. He took it like a champ.
*High five*
by Ohgheez August 4, 2019
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