wordb00n/word is a nu-skool version of the old wordn00b/word
which often means someone who is new to the game (and is learning how to play)
But nowadays n00b/b00n is used more as an insult word.
"Im a bit of a n00b in this game"
"fucking b00n get out of the channel"
by JK July 13, 2003
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b00n is used on multiplayer games servers, where a spam- or "insult"-filter kicks you if you write words like "cheater, hacker, flamer, n00b, etc."
dude1: dude2, you're such a n00b
dude1 was kicked from server. Reason: Spamming
dude2: lol omg what a b00n
by Meister March 25, 2005
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A "b00n" Is a "1337" speak term used by Multiplayer Gamers to describe a person who doesnt deserve the title of n00b, because he/she sucks terrible ass.
Kyle: Yo that b00n doesnt know how to open the door.
Matt: Damn Straight, i got him with my 1337 2|<1||2. Fucking b00nie.
by Matt February 5, 2004
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a b00n (or boon), is an interpretationof the computer term "noob". It is used to describe someone stupid, idiotic,docile, dumbass, or just plain ignorant.
Mike is such a b00n.
Some b00n just rear ended my car.
by Roan June 27, 2003
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The same as n00b but are only used by realy 1337 ppl..
by l33t h@xX0r January 6, 2003
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Someone making a stupid comment, of doing a stupid action.
Thinking your tv is broken, but you just forgot to plug it in.
by Slurpgeit January 27, 2004
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b00n is simply the same as boon, meaning noob. The replacing of the o's through zeros helps your coolness factor.
-"Jesus H. Christ, I was pwn3d!!1"
-"Haha you b00n!!1"
by XVII April 11, 2005
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