A colloquial nickname given to the home ground of Arsenal Football Club. Located in Ashburton Grove, it is more widely known as the Emirates Stadium, for sponsorship reasons.

The term 'the carpet's is attributed to the stadium due to the exceptional quality of the grass as a playing surface.
Man 1: wa'gwanin this Saturday bruv?

Man 2: na'gwanin, just watching Arsenal at the Carpet bruvvv.
by HoldTightAsnee November 28, 2017
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1) a person who puts in carpet and does not build houses
Hey I really need a carpenter to put this carpet in, should I ask Dave?

Carpenters actually only build houses Frank, what you need is a carpeter
by mytwentycats August 28, 2017
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the thick, knotted mass of pubic hair just north of the vagina.
"I unbuttoned her pants and tried to run my hand down her panties, but it got caught in her carpet."
by Fatass February 14, 2003
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the definition of being so totally drunk that you inevitably end up crashing out on the floor and sleeping there for the rest of the night.
My god! Last night Mikey drank 13 pints of cider, he was so carpeted!
by Henery Duong June 17, 2007
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a soft material used to cover floors
I skipped happily along the carpet, and when I tripped I only chipped four teeth.
by nathaniel spritzner August 7, 2005
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A lush expanse of hair covering the vulva, meant to be munched upon and not shaven.
"Mmmm, check out that carpet, I wish I was eating some of *that*!"
by KCtah October 26, 2003
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