when you accidentally sneeze and your dads ashes fly away
mom:honey where is your dad
Tim: I did a whoops
by yoyungsu123 February 3, 2022
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to flash or reveal an intimate body part under the pretense of an accident. Sometimes, whoopsing is done with the intention to distract or to get someone's attention.
At the beach today, a woman in a bikini whoopsed a pilot flying over the ocean, flipping over her top as she waved.

Past tense - whoopsed
by D.S. Credito March 6, 2015
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what you tell your girl friend when you forget to use a condom.
"Honey im pregnant" said Salley

"Whoops," says Marc
by godish009 November 25, 2009
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Too "accidentally" penetrate the asshole during intercourse by pulling out of the vagina and entering the asshole without breaking the rhythm.
Reid and Jen were boning and he whoopsed her.
by Clan {DAN} June 5, 2005
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A supercross obstical that consists of many steep humps packed close together mostly around 2 feet tall. "Skimming" is the technique of getting over them which involves going fast enough yet keeping enough control to "skim" through on the tops of them.
Chopper dropped his front wheel in the whoops which caused him to flip over the bars and break his wrist.
by Chance Tomlinson June 6, 2005
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i blacked out last night and did something i deeply regret. must have been the whoops
by papparni February 25, 2010
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