(Predicate Adjective)

Something that is so messed up that it cannot be fixed.
That test was spilt; I couldn't answer a single question.

My essay is a complete mess. This shit is spilt, man.

That treehouse my dad built me was really spilt - all of the boards kept falling off.
by MergeOverMove November 26, 2012
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When you become so intoxicated that all you can do is spill shit. Spill your beer, spill when poring a shot, spill when trying to take the shot.
I got so spilt last night my room smells like an AA meeting
by Harvester_of_Sorrow July 3, 2005
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In gaming, when a player gets wounded and is dying dripping blood bleeding out perhaps laying over something and often limping or crawling, leaking, trying to hide behind something hoping to get saved by a team mate or just dies.
"Man, that player over there got their muffin cap peeled back by a sniper and got SPILT!" "LOOK at dude down over there! That NOOB walked through that doorway and three cats were waiting on him and sprayed him with bullets and a claymore mine on the wall exploded and now he's up against the wall SPILT" "That troll just got SPILT by his own squad for going rogue and is off to respawn, lol"
by FujiYugi June 5, 2018
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Comethazine: "Fuck stayin safe, ima stay dangerous. Talk shit get you spilt, nigga chill with the anger"
by Trash Ketchum December 29, 2020
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(n.) A mistake that cannot be rectified.
There's no point crying over spilt milk
by Gumba Gumba May 26, 2004
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you just got told some extreme topic or someone is being shady about another
amaya just spilt tea about her ex
by Azal August 21, 2018
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A person, or an object that looks awful, horrible, ugly, digusting.
Also describes ones feelings
Best used for someone who is either sick, or has a hangover.

"I feel like spilt fuck."
"Man, you look like spilt fuck."
by Ike Forman November 13, 2006
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