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This happens when a dating couple try the long-distance relationship thing when they go off to university or college in September. Typically, when Thanksgiving rolls around and everyone goes home for the holiday, someone gets dumped. Hence the turkey drop.
I hope Bob and I make it past the turkey drop.
by JK October 03, 2004

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Fluid containing sperm.Translucent, sticky stuff which smells of ammonia or pine fresh.When ejaculated it is warm but soon turns cold and will dry quickly.
sprogspawn that smells
by JK March 07, 2004

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Mozilla is an open-source web browser.
open-source means that anyone who has some coding skills can get mozillas source code for free and modify the browser.

by JK July 13, 2003

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An asshole; a despicable, loathesome person.

My roommate during my freshman year of college was a shitheel.
by JK March 15, 2003

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n. One who experiences an irrational reaction of panic, revulsion, fear or anger when confronted with the idea of homosexuality. This often manifests as an aggressive obsession to marginalize, deny, disenfranchise or denigrate gay/lesbian people, in the effort to distance one's self from the source of one's emotional distress. Homophobia is often thought to be rooted in an intense fear that one is also capable of experiencing unwanted homosexual attraction, or in unease over being confronted with one's own sexual doubt and insecurity.
A cultural environment that is tolerant of the homophobe leads to a civic environment that establishes a second-class status for gay and lesbian citizens.
by JK February 01, 2004

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b00n is a nu-skool version of the old n00b
which often means someone who is new to the game (and is learning how to play)
But nowadays n00b/b00n is used more as an insult word.
"Im a bit of a n00b in this game"
"fucking b00n get out of the channel"
by JK July 13, 2003

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