1. A gaming term used to let another player know he has just been owned, or is inferior.

2. Take a seat (as in step down)
Player 1: I'm gonna own you like a noob!
player 2: (*Frags player 1*) sit dude.
by Raz January 16, 2003
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something that is both tit and the shit; an object, person, event, saying, etc. that meets the requirements of being both tit and the shit
You are....SO FUCKING SIT!

by Mark Beastham November 30, 2010
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Sit is an abreviated word deriving from ''Suck it''.

Into wich we are introduced: S.IT, or more commonly, ''sit''.

But what does S.IT mean?

To suck ones cock with a rather heavy hunger. To syphon the head until milk pours into throat... and much much more.
Jean-Claude: Marie, would you sit please?

Marie: Why sure Jean-Claude.

- - -

Natasha: Whoa! I think i need to sit very badly...

Gregoire: Why dont you sit over here?

- - -

Teacher: Melissa, i want you to sit please. Come see me after the class.

- - -
by henrycole February 9, 2009
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partaking in a good chill at any given location
"lets go to starbucks and catch a sit"
by Fancy Henderson May 23, 2003
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meaning "shit".. it is abbreviated to "sit" by niggas and lazy asses
"Sit" yo.. Your dick fell out of my ass
by BMJ October 5, 2003
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form of "shit". usually said in a homosexual accent.
Guy 1: allright well your a fuckin faggot...

Guy 2: Oooh sit!!!!
by sean b 513 September 7, 2008
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