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Originally coined by Frank The Tank (Will Ferrell) in the movie Old School, this phrase is now running rampant in college campuses across America. Can be said in agreement to a statement, or in answer to a question. Also at random times if you're bored.
1: F: Awesome... YES! I am back. Woo! You KNOW it!

2: A: This Karkov tastes really good.
J: You know it!

3: D: Dude, did you just pass me in Mario kart?
B: You know it!

4: J: God I'm wasted... YOU KNOW IT!
by JK February 08, 2005

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The female equivilent of Sharking
Did you SEE her sharking him just now?
by JK August 03, 2004

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To leave somewhere; usually in a rush. Often used like "Dip" or "Rollout".
"Somebody just called the cops, we need to burn!"
by JK July 13, 2003

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(1) to act like a spaz (see spaz) (2)to be incredibly hyperactive to the point that people believe you to either be mentally insane or hopped up on something (while not under the influence of drugs)
Did you see how Doug was tweakin' the other day?
by JK April 03, 2005

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A method of scoring common in Rugby Union, a sport where free-flowing play is as rare as hens teeth.
Commonly found in the 70-80th minute region of a game where 40 minutes has been wasted in useless stoppages and the rest of the game consisted of fat men lying all over the ball in a boring spectacle known as ruck and maul.

Also seen when unfathomable penalties have given the other side a slight edge. Once behind on the scoreboard a rugby union team will relentlessly kick for goal rather than engaging in any sort of interesting play.
by JK March 21, 2005

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To overpay for a product (athelete) usually to ludicrous amounts, in reference to Dan Snyder- owner of the Washington Redskins.
Q: Danny-boy paid $8.6M for a trade for Mark Brunnell??

A: Yep- he got Snydered again. Just like he did with Bruce Smith and Jeremiah Trotter.
by JK March 03, 2004

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A unique individual of Pacific Island descent. Originally named Theresa, this amazing and splendid creature was given a variety of nick names. Not just T-Bird, but T-Bag and Terry as well. Tends to do interesting things upon drinking alcohol.
Holy shit T-Bird is climbing the wall in her dream!
by JK February 07, 2005

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