an entire series of the film: the original and all its subsequent sequels thereafter
(ie, James Bond/007 films, Star Wars movies, Rocky series, etc.)

Francis Ford Coppola hasn't made a real movie ever since his daughter Sophia ran the Godfather franchise into the ground.
by Empire of the Moon December 4, 2006
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verb; to get it in, to smoosh, aka have sex.
did you franchise?
oh I franchised alright
by hashebrown October 4, 2010
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n. 1. nickname given to a player so money that he is vital to his team n. 2. Dave Porter
Did you see The Franchise throwin up ton-eighties at the CarPool last night?
by the507 April 9, 2005
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When an individual has at least one kid with one partner in one city, then moves to another city years later and has kids with another partner.
He moves city and starts a new family. - Fucker's franchising.
by mwallace2202 March 14, 2023
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(origin Tosa) adj. 1. usually used to describe a professional sports star that is key to an organization. n. 2. as according to the NFL someone who has a special contract designation so they cannot leave their organization. n. 3. Greg Caramello. (see below)
adj. 1. He gets a triple double every intramural game, he's so franchise to our team.
n. 2. Did the Packers make Brett Favre a franchise player?
n. 3. Did you hear that Franchise drank 23 capt. and cokes?
by Doc Nutz April 21, 2003
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Franchising is the act that is usually, but not always, commited by an African American when he has multiple children from different women with the hopes that one of them might strike it big as an entertainer.
Andre: Yea man this is my 6th kid.

Mason: Congratulations man thats awsome. All with the same woman.

Andre: Hell naw, you know I be franchising and shit. Six babies, six mamas.
by SHODDY987857 June 8, 2009
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