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A fag, who sits in the dark and cries about sandwiches.
Danny Allott sat in the dark and cried because is sandwich was lost.
by JK February 25, 2005
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Loser, cunt, fucktard, twat, depressoid
oh my god, i cant believe youre such a eulonima
j00 is a total eulonima, jesusmoses
by JK October 1, 2004
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cool, fine, excellent, nifty, swell
She snap. That some snap que. Snap threads, girl.
by JK December 18, 2003
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To overpay for a product (athelete) usually to ludicrous amounts, in reference to Dan Snyder- owner of the Washington Redskins.
Q: Danny-boy paid $8.6M for a trade for Mark Brunnell??

A: Yep- he got Snydered again. Just like he did with Bruce Smith and Jeremiah Trotter.
by JK March 3, 2004
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A unique individual of Pacific Island descent. Originally named Theresa, this amazing and splendid creature was given a variety of nick names. Not just T-Bird, but T-Bag and Terry as well. Tends to do interesting things upon drinking alcohol.
by JK February 7, 2005
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Fluid containing sperm.Translucent, sticky stuff which smells of ammonia or pine fresh.When ejaculated it is warm but soon turns cold and will dry quickly.
sprogspawn that smells
by JK March 7, 2004
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Sort of like Rufio from the movie Hook, but sexier. Known for charm with the ladies and rugby slut pulling ability, this attractive man is the cock of the walk. Literally.
Sex.... e... ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
by JK February 15, 2005
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