worthless and condemnable vile individual and a source of monumental bullshit, someone who accused without basis and pretends to be right of his/her acts and looks like a shaved ape of no morals.
How dare you say I have an STD (sexually transmitted desease)Charlene?! You're despicable!
by ethansfanatics January 25, 2009
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When a person (they/them/she/her/he/him/ze/zen) performs a despicable action towards you. This action could also be described as beautifully vile.
Person 1: Ay yo I just 1v1'ed Sammy at b ball and he rekt me

Person 2: damn son, u sayin' u just got despiced?!?
Person 1: yea i was despiced ...
by Radiotrophic Gint July 8, 2022
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to make something less spicy. Sour cream works great to despicify anything.
this sour cream sure despicified jamie's spicy mexican feet
by ranger joe December 15, 2004
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A person who has excessive bodily hair, or hair that looks evil/cruel in some way.
Ollie walks into the room with long un-brushed hair and stubble.
Anna : You look despicable today.
by Soul Romancer July 24, 2010
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A fart that crawls up your balls and vibrates out the front, creating an atomic smell.
Grant: warning. I just let out a despicable me.

Grant: Oh, despicable me...
by OopseIdiditagain November 13, 2016
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The executioners found mainly in Hemwick in the videogame Bloodborne.
"I was playing Bloodborne last night and I almost made it to Cainhurst, but a despicable fatty got me before I could."
by GrabStick Mykofsky January 22, 2016
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A movie containing a villain named Gru, 3 orphan girls with weird ass name, and yellow minions that assemble on que.
Also, probably the best movie ever made. A cinema adventure filled with evil villains, freeze guns, girl-scout cookies, and fluffy unicorns.
-"Did you see Despicable me?"
--"Of course, I brought my unicorn with me!"
by UnicornMaster July 27, 2010
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