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really good band. have been good since they started, which means that american idiot is not their first album. i do not care that people like their music now, but it would be nice if they would appreciate that they had loads of albums BEFORE american idiot which were equally as good. there is more to this band than 'hot' billie joe armstrong, which means all you idiots who think you are his secret wife or something should just shoosh. and american idiot and boulevard of broken dreams are NOT their only songs (horror of all horrors).
*silly girly girl* - omg! green day are just sooo amazing! i love american idiot! it's like, so totally the best song EVER! don't wana be an american idiot!
by jk March 19, 2005

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a person who thinks too high of himself in War3. Also, a huge flamer.
I totally acted like Lightknight69.
by JK March 21, 2003

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Noun to describe a series of vacation days in the old country. The banks are on holiday... so why should the rest of the lazy slobs go to work? Is it any wonder that the empire was lost (or perhaps it was just forgotten during one of those holiday fortnites).
1. The offices will be closed for the Bank holiday (and we will probably go out of business but who cares).

2. On the bank holidays, we go to Blackpool for a grand old time on the sands.

3. "It is hard to tell if the poor efficiency is due to incompetence or the volume of bank holidays".
by JK May 25, 2005

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The biggest and most attractive pimp to ever walk the surface of the Earth.
Holy shit D-Train just pulled another slut from rugby.
by JK February 07, 2005

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Frizzy haired male frequently skips class to take road trips to weird places like Iowa. Attractive but loses any and all skill with ladies when under the influence of alcohol. Obsessed with Madden 2005. Probably masturbates between 16 and 17 times per day. King of diving for little to no reason in broomball. Very sexy, huge wang, etc etc.
-Hey D-Rock quit playing your Madden franchise and come drink.

-Krog pushes D-Rock and some girl into eachother and they kiss. D-Rock thanks Krog

-Doesn't D-Rock have class today? Yeah but he's in Michigan.
by JK February 18, 2005

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A shortened version of the drinking term "5 shots in 5 minutes". Can also be converted to 6 in 6, 7 in 7, or if you're trying to die, 10 in 10.
I did 5 in 5 and went to Rugby... there was mostly dudes there so I did 5 in 5 again and passed the fuck out.
by JK February 08, 2005

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Used to describe parties. Outta control, off-the-hook, hot, tight, etc. Especially parties so ridiculous that cops are basically gauranteed to show up (and call for backup!)

If youre doin it right, havin a 516-style party means you might be usin your one phone call later on. But it'll be worth it.

To the layman, the unitiated, 516 refers to the Long Island area code. Insiders know it is actually in reference to 516 University Ave, for obvious reasons.
Yo, we gotta hit up that party tonight, shit's gonna be 516!

We chillin 516 style this weekend.
by jk March 03, 2004

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