42 definition by JK

Sort of like Rufio from the movie Hook, but sexier. Known for charm with the ladies and rugby slut pulling ability, this attractive man is the cock of the walk. Literally.
Sex.... e... ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
by JK February 15, 2005

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Loser, cunt, fucktard, twat, depressoid
oh my god, i cant believe youre such a eulonima
j00 is a total eulonima, jesusmoses
by JK October 01, 2004

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use it when someone annoys you or bags you-use a very serious face. when you say stop put your hand out like a stop sign & on fair go make a gun out of your hand. easy!
dude, you really suck!!

stop, fair go

well you do

stop stop stop!
by jk October 28, 2004

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Midwest city at its finest. Milwaukee. Those who rep the city know it straight ballin 24/7. 100kgs crack pushed daily.
Strait slangin the crack gotta make bail....i come fromt he city of the MIL
by JK December 17, 2004

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A word that can literally mean anything you want. It was created by Avid Merrion in the TV series of Bo Selecta!, Where it is said by Trisha.
Oh My god, shut up you bumbasquat!
by JK June 20, 2004

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Someone french with an italian girlfriend who likes sex, art, weed and communist culture of south american countries.
Has KJ's and other cool people as friends over internet communication devices (icq).
by JK February 09, 2004

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means retarded but with a guitar.
hey dat was soo guitarded.
by jk October 28, 2004

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