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When a guy is very obviously chatting up a girl, it can be referred to as sharking, and be accompanied by the hand gesture (a shark's fin above your head with your hand. The hand gesture can also be used alone, oh so slyly... When a girl is sharking a guy, this is known as reverse sharking, and the gesture changes to a rotating hand, or you could say "R E V E R S E" (a la Holly Valance in those adverts).
That guy was SOOOO sharkin' you then...
by JK August 03, 2004

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Automatic lyricist. Spits like an automatic from the grill to the mic. Also means one bad muthafucka. More deadly then an AK cuz its a JK. Defines life and fashion. Ultimate supreme being.
"I wouldnt even fuck with the JK-47, thats to much power for me, to much skill involved there."
by JK December 17, 2004

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A youth destined for macdonalds or prison. Usually associates with chavs and other ruders. In gangs rudes hunt down vulnerable white individuals and stop them with phrases like "eh blud, you blaze?" hoping to see put their number, as they 'deal' on your phone. If you are stopped by rudeboys you are almost certainly going to be searched. These poor beggars are so desperate they'll even grab the back pockets of your jeans and have a good feel of your buttocks if you're lucky. Usually, these kids stay out all night and sleep on their beaten down matresses in their council homes during the day. Rudes generally don't do any drugs and their mums only let them have an alcopop at a party every now and then.
a rudeboy was walking down the road with his 'clik' when a white boy all alone walked towards them. He was seen and chased and then robbed.
by JK November 04, 2004

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Chris Howells Idol, Adolf Hitler
Chris: I love Hitler.
by Jk February 25, 2005

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There are two protentious meanings.
1.Slavery Chain, where the good poeple were taken from their homes and held with a chain of slavery.
2.Gold Chain, bling, but its old. Golden neckelace of the wealthy being 9although they can be stolen).
Slaaaverrry Chaaain.
Goold Chain!
Ssssllaavery chaaain.
Gold Chain!
by Jk February 28, 2005

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TRUE 4x4 has "POSI" traction LOCKERS on the FRONT AND REAR difs. IF not, its not "TRUE" 4x4. Get stuck if you don't believe me, only 1 tire up front and in back will spin!!
My hott 1971 K/5 BLAZER (full convertible that is)
by jk June 10, 2004

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A fag, who sits in the dark and cries about sandwiches.
Danny Allott sat in the dark and cried because is sandwich was lost.
by Jk February 25, 2005

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