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a portmanteau composed from Trump, puppet pup and pet alluding to the fact that Trump is Putin's pet {favorite} puppet and lapdog.
Putin's favorite Trumppet is of the short-fingered Vulgarian breed!
by Eppypotamus June 19, 2019
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a portmanteau formed from Trump+shitty+asshole+chump+lump+schlump; def: the epitome of all your pervy, senile, obese, low-IQ, Republican, uncles who, given half an opportunity, will grab-a-snatch your pussy ... even when your parents are present

syn: assclown, trumpanzee, ignoranus
In his mind Donald Trump is the King of the World, whereas in reality, he is only King of Tschlumps!
by Eppypotamus July 6, 2019
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A portmanteau that is formed from the rhyming words lobotomized and hypnotized and which have related meanings. Def: a form of malevolent brainwashing that victimizes anyone who watches any Faux News host too long (the time until a lethal dosage is imbibed depends on the particular host and the IQ of the individual; for example the low-IQ individuals who support Trump, the so-called "base," comprising about 25% of the stupidest American TV-watching public) are usually goners within 5-minutes of exposure, especially if listening to the most toxic host of them all, "El Diablo" himself, Sean Hannity, the name-sake of this term.
I dozed-off on my girlfriend's parents' couch while waiting for her to get ready for our date. Their TV (as usual) was on Faux News. By the time my girlfriend awakened me (after only 10-minutes) I had been hannitized!
by Eppypotamus June 8, 2019
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Def: The state of having been converted into an assclown; exhibiting or mimicking assclownish behavior; having been hannitized; emulating the behavior of an assclown (for example, any Faux News host, especially Sean Hannity).

Alt def: To be inducted into an ass-circus. Example: "My parents were assclowned by watching Faux News.
My boyfriend assclowned-around, mimicking Sean Hannity.
by Eppypotamus June 8, 2019
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white-supremacist septuagenarian fucktard whose early-morning defecations are accompanied by spewings of Hitlerian hate speech via Twitter Rage; see Donald J. Trump; also: assclown; Republican
Donald J. Trump is the proto-typical short-fingered vulgarian.
by Eppypotamus June 20, 2019
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portmanteau formed from Trump + pervy + pervert

def: (1) a pervy old geezer who engages in boasting of his numerous sexual assaults on women such as unwanted or "ambush" kissing and grab-a-snatch attacks ... which he crudely characterizes as "grab them by the pussy!"

cf: see Donald Trump (the prototype)

(2) a fat-assed misogynistic assclown who is characteristically 50-years (or more) older than the women who he stares at fantasizing in his feverish NPD - deranged brain that they find him sexually attractive ... never conscious of the revulsion they feel for him
OMG! My pervy uncle is such a Trumpervert! At our family Thanksgiving gathering he grabbed me by my pussy and tried to kiss me on the mouth IN FRONT OF MY PARENTS! OMG!!!!!
by Eppypotamus July 14, 2019
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(1) to become mentally deranged from the effects of attendance at Trump rallies; the cause is suspected to be multiple "brain slam" traumas (these shocking conflicts-of-logic-and-truth are similar in mechanism to the repetitive concusions that cause TBI or Traumatic Brain Injury); (2) synonyms: hannitized, lobotomized
OMG! Within the first few minutes of exposure to the deleterious effects at a Trump rally, my pervy uncle was thoroughly magatized.
by Eppypotamus June 21, 2019
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