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traumatic brain injury, most prevalent in returning war soldiery, , known also as shell shock, multiple severe blows to the head causing brain instability, trauma results in the inability to cope with life's intrusions causing mental illness, suicidal thoughts or actions, and a separation from reality, treatment is large quantities of mind altering drugs and in some cases institutionalization.
He had multiple tbi's in the war, and can not work.
by yellowbronco September 30, 2011
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Acronym for "To bad it's Sunday." Used to express the sadness one feels that knowing that the weekend has officially ended and another work week is about to begin.

Made up in 10/06/2013 in west covina, ca
"T.B.I.S. I hate Sundays!"
by jsouth October 06, 2013
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1) a terminal disease that can kill you in an instant, or just torture you. if this disease gets in your body, you will not know it at first. BUT the torture sign is, when the person turns into an asshole. THEN the disease turns that person into a pink chicken. Then you get all your friends together, and you all get suicide thoughts. So you all jump off a cliff.
ex 1:
person 1:"hey, why is nick being an asshole?"
person 2: "because he got TBI."

ex 2:
person 1: um, why the hell is dominic a pink chicken
person 2: shit... he got TBI
by totalbrawlsland September 17, 2011
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