very bad, very serious or extreme, critical, desperate, critical
the dire issue of oil profits, that garbage looks dire,to find Bin Laden is a dire emergency, dire hurrican
by Pablo Bianchi July 9, 2006
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abbreviation for diarrhea. The result of something that infuriates you becuase it is so stupid or corny in a kind of inexplicable way. ie. couples that take pictures of themselves kissing and post them on facebook, tear-jerking commercials, the movie Garden State, Uggs, adolescent livejournals.
"this elevator music is really giving me dire."
"Oh my God, that girl's outfit is giving me massive dire!"
by Dini May 1, 2008
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Feeling so tired you want to die.
I had no sleep last night and I was so dired because I had a long day ahead.
by sintya April 25, 2012
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Diree is a wonderful person, quite the oddball and sometimes she can even be a switched mood from time to time, but when she gets energy watch out she can be extremely random and unpredictable, a shy type to most but once you get to meet her she is a kind wacky soul
Person 1: Oh look it's Diree she's always shy
Person 2: You should have seen her at the party last night she was nuts
by Anonymous By chance July 1, 2020
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DIRE is a group of 7 men that rule Miami.
Memeky: The romantic one of the bunch. Preys on on chicks whose dads are in real estate. Former Heavy Weight.
Bot: The healthiest man and robot alive. No further info needed.
Jayro: Aspiring DJ and Nascar driver. Does not care about anyone’s feelings.
Bert: The funniest beaner on the block. Can often find him staring into space with his ADD.
Beve: The dirtiest man alive. Will dog your mom and sister with no regret.
Kot aka Red Man: Manliest looking out of the bunch. Tufts Commit.

Jackomonoting: Protector of the homosexual community. WashU Commit. Acts mad when his girl is mad.
Holy shit is that DIRE?”
by robototing October 29, 2019
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Very similar to Dour, used in the same circumstances: Gay remarks, bad mistake, bad joke or generally being an Arsehole.
Gay Person: Oh! I love Space!

Normal Person: Dire!
by Jon Elvins March 9, 2007
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When you have loose bowels. Diarrhea. You know, when your rear is in a dire situation.
That curry gave me dire rear!
by Poodlechimp June 6, 2009
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