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When you are in a bad mood or depressed but you dont really know why.
Dude , i'm in such a schlump right now.
by Nayomi January 2, 2008
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A lazy, overweight, under- or unemployed, undesirable middle-aged man. Usually wears crappy clothing. Shaves infrequently. Has nonchalant attitude about everthing. A scrub.
(Headline from The Star) "Ben Affleck: from Hunk to Schlump"
by John Childers June 30, 2004
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When someone is so fucked up from a variety of drugs that they become immobile or it becomes extremely difficult to move.
Yo that nigga schlumped off the oxys and that Killa kush bro.
by bootyhunter9686 October 14, 2016
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Yo Ima be extraa schlumped after doing this Precal Hw.
by K.iverson January 31, 2017
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when you’re so high you physically can’t move and you have manual breathing instead of automatic breathing. once you become schlumped you might fall asleep or stay awake to reach your fall so you can smoke more.
She is so schlumped she hasn’t moved i. 15 minutes.
by seductivecow July 5, 2018
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The state of being so high and/or miserable you’re just mentally tired.
Damn bro I just got dumped and I’m hella schlumped.
by Asshole.1234 April 11, 2018
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eschligang eber dub ist eine schumpe
Excuse me, but your a slut
by Roxy Foncigo May 15, 2005
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