Defined by Gina Linetti as just a fancy word for 'proper order to do things'.

It's a Brooklyn 99 joke, y'all.
Rosa: We followed procedure.
Gina: 'Procedure' is just a fancy word for 'proper order to do things'.
Holt: Yes, that is it's definition.
by i'm-a-KOOKOOBURRA April 29, 2020
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Code phrase used when a woman needs to have an abortion; usually used to hide the fact that she is going in for the operation to mixed company.
Girl, I won't be going to the club tomorrow night, I gotta rest up cause I'm having a procedure the day after next.
by Chizz October 11, 2004
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In video games, when you are struck or exposed by a weapon or mechanic that causes blindness in your character.

examples: flashbangs, concussion grenades, blinding flashlights, etc.
I was on a killstreak until Ajax hit me with the Seizure Procedure and i died.
by DeusRexVulpe November 22, 2018
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A term used by workers, usually in minimum wage jobs, who deliberately follow work place procedures to the letter in order to slow down the functioning of the business and annoy managers.
by Bravo Tango Cheesecake January 20, 2021
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A unnecessary, usually invasive, humiliating and painful medical test ordered by a physician to get even with an unruly or disruptive patient.
"Debbie - did you notice Dr. Leibowitz ordered a full colorectal exam on the guy who came in for eight stiches across his forehead?"

"Yeah, during admission, the patient called Dr. Leibowitz a money-grubbing Jew. It sounds like a reprisal procedure to me. Excuse me. Dr. Leibowitz has asked me to mix parking lot gravel with the K-Y Jelly."
by David Wright Orange Park April 23, 2008
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A discreet reference to oral sex or oral copulation of someone’s genitals, fart box or other erogenous zone. Usually a good old fashioned throat fucking.
I met that dirty whore in the parking garage and gave her a dental procedure.

She told me to get on my knees and the next think I know she was doing a dental procedure on my taut little rosebud.
by Dick Onchin September 29, 2020
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after surprising a chick with your cum in her eye, slap her with your dick.
by ooglytoop7272 October 21, 2010
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