A word used to express happiness or achievement. Sexual endevours may either end in a goldmine or a coalmine. This word can also be placed randomly throughout conversation to increase the intellectual level of the speech. The word is rumored to originate from the Burger King fry heating lamp, however this rumor is false as it is the BK Gold Mine.
Guys, last night I had a great idea. It was a goldmine.
by JSmith4848 January 1, 2010
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Usually an elderly home for women and sometimes men, that are the hotspots for golddiggers and goldminers to find their next victims.
Johnny: I'm just going to the goldmine honey!

Wifey: Don't forget to get me one too!
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A man who prefers boys.
The whorehouse did not serve goldmines.
by GP January 15, 2005
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A male version of a golddigger.

Also know to his fellow males as a granny fucker or likes GILFs.
John: Have you seen Tim lately?

Martin: No, apparently he hasn't been coming to lessons cause he's a goldminer know.

John:A what?

Martin: Oh a goldminer is a male version of a golddigger.

John: Might join him...
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When a person eats a bunch of corn, then a partner fists them and pulls out the corn loaded shit.
That chick at the church picnic really put away the corn. I'm guessing her boyfriend wanted to go goldmining.
by JBooker December 8, 2013
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When the fist is shoved so far up ones anus to the point where fecal matter can be touched and corn is extracted from said fecal matter
Did you hear about what happened to Jude? He got caught goldmining Macy in the bathroom!
by SkeetSkeetQuail May 1, 2019
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1. a weird david bowie song that rocks
2. a sexual organ
3. the coolest movie ever
i watched velvet goldmine for the five billionth time this morning
by mayura October 24, 2003
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