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portmanteau formed from trump + petard (in the sense of Shakespeare's "hoist with his own petard')

def: a linguistic "reveal" of pathological liars (like Trump), wherein a statement is "exploded" (revealed to be completely devoid of veracity) by an immediately following conflicting/contradictory statement.
example of usage: "In every public speech, the president careers from one trumpetard to the next!"
by Eppypotamus March 30, 2020
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portmanteau formed from Trump + orgasm

def: (1) the thrill a trumptard experiences whenever he thinks everyone has believed one of his obvious lies
Trump is a pathological liar and has a trumpgasm every few minutes!
by Eppypotamus August 14, 2019
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a portmanteau comprised from Trump + narcissist + pisser + pissant + pissist + pissing + fetishist

def: see Donald Trump, the prototype ; a person (usually male) whose behavior demonstrates he is obviously mentally deranged, exhibiting the primary hallmark of extreme pathological narcissism; the diagnosis is certain if this sign is seen in combination with any two of the following diagnostic criteria:

(a) pissing fetish;
(b) grabbing women by the pussy (or, in the rare instance of being a female ... any public grab-a-snatch display;
(c) daily Twitter rages;
(d) weird orange tint to skin or hair;
(e) pathological lying;
(f) befuddlement and incoherence of public speech;
(g) unnatural (and very obviously so) small hands or penis;
(h) fascination with tyrants and megalomaniacs
Donald Trump is the prototypical Trumpissist; he exhibits both diagnostic signs (1) pathological narcissism + (2) pissing fethishism.
by Eppypotamus July 8, 2019
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an operation that results in destruction of the frontal lobe of the brain, causing the "victim" to lose all capacity for higher thought, reason, etc.; commonly suffered by attendees at Trump rallies; syn: magatized hannatized
OMG! My pervy uncle got a Trumpotomy at a Trump rally. He was thoroughly magatized; it transformed him into a low-IQ person... a complete Trumpanzee! He still grabs me by my pussy, but is become such a ignoranus trumpanzee, he does his old grab-a-snatch routine indiscreetly, even in front of my parents!!! OMG!!!!
by Eppypotamus June 23, 2019
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A portmanteau formed from Trump, i.e., Donald Trump + lobotomy + hemorrhoidectomy. A radical psychological/psychiatric intervention to reverse the effects of victims who have been magatized.
My pervy uncle attended a Trump rally where he was magatized; now he is in dire need of a Trumpotomy.
by Eppypotamus July 11, 2019
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a portmanteau composed from Trump, puppet pup and pet alluding to the fact that Trump is Putin's pet {favorite} puppet and lapdog.
Putin's favorite Trumppet is of the short-fingered Vulgarian breed!
by Eppypotamus June 19, 2019
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def: (1) the smell of corruption and failure that permeates anything touched by Donald Trump (2) the smell of death (3) the smell of Ivanka's 13-year-old daddy-spooged anus

see: "Everything touched by Trump dies" a NYT #1 best-seller book by a noted Republican strategist (and genius), Rick Wilson.
example of usage: "I was doing well investing in a promising goldmine prospect in Alaska, then Trump got involved and the whiff of Trumpstank scared-off all the investors! Now my investment and 401k are worthless!"
by Eppypotamus August 22, 2019
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