I did a "Donald Trump" painting my room. I'll have to redo it.

Everyone did a "Donald Trump" on the exam, so the teacher is letting us retake it.
by Freklez13 July 31, 2020
A Orange looking raccoon who is well know for his role as a bitch.
person 1:Look over there what’s that orange lump?

person 2:Donald Trump
The biggest fucking disgrace America has ever had to deal with
Life would be better if Donald Trump wasn't president
by Dubiks January 31, 2019
Rare talking creature that resembles an orange orangutan with crazy ass hair. Widely hated by half the world.
Tom: Hey man, have you seen Donald Trump?
Tim: Dude I can't believe this goblin is in the white house.
by Hamsdude February 2, 2018