1. The worst President of the USA
2. A dictator.
3. He lies, he cheats, and he is nothing but a selfish crybaby.
4. If he loses 2020, he will probably go to jail
5. He is responsible for 145,000 COVID deaths.
Person 1: Why is Donald Trump still president?
Person 2: He cheated.
Person 1: Oh that makes sense.
by TROLLKING9001 July 25, 2020
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Rare talking creature that resembles an orange orangutan with crazy ass hair. Widely hated by half the world.
Tom: Hey man, have you seen Donald Trump?
Tim: Dude I can't believe this goblin is in the white house.
by Hamsdude February 2, 2018
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You ugly and lame as fuck, you must have to Donald Trump for sex.
by BishSticks April 17, 2018
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An orange headed cunt who is poisoning the minds of young Americans into believing that Mexicans are the source of most of our problems when in reality they're doing much less harm than we are to each other.
Donald Trump decided to spend billions of dollars building a wall, instead of using that money on improving the education system and homeless situation. What a fucking idiot
by Dubiks January 31, 2019
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