A fat bastard with shit ass hair who is racist.

Simple summary.
Donald Trump- wall?
Everyone- Racist BITCH
by BitchI’magenius November 26, 2018
D. Despicable.
O. Opinionated
N. Neglectful
A. Antagonistic
L. Ludicrous
D. Demon

T. Thoughtless
R. Respected
U. Ugly
M. Manipulative
P. Pervert
1. Noun: “Donald Trump is such an idiot.”
2. Adjective: “That person is such a donald trump.”
by ImSmartSometimes October 28, 2019
An orange 🍊 very similar to the emoji as well. Messed up the poor United States of America. Now they have no chance.

President Nixon once said “If the president does it, you can do it” or something like that.
Except Donald Trump rated multiple women so don’t do that or you might go to jail. (Unlike trump)
Situation one: Donald Trump screwed America, Obama actually made them look like nice people. Don’t make us immigrate there mom just wait until the next president or until Coronacation is over.
Situation two: Matt is such a Donald Trump fan. He says it’s because there’s not as many school shootings in his last two years of presidency but that has nothing to do with trump.
by beachbeech April 4, 2020