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portmanteau formed from cuckold + retard

(1) a man who invites a friend over to fuck his wife but ends-up with a sore butthole himself; (2) anyone who believes Donald J. Trump's lies; (3) a "very stable genius" aka moron

syn: Trumpanzee, Trumptard, NAKtard, fucktard
Nine-out-of-ten psychiatrists agree ... most people who attend Trump rallies are cucktards!
by Eppypotamus January 14, 2020
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portmanteau formed from cuckold (or its modern abbreviated form "cuck" overused nowadays by the alt-right to disparage any conservative Republican not felt to be sufficiently radical ... formerly called "Rino" or "Republican in name only") + turd (shit)

(1) a cuckservative who has an especially "shitty" (nasty / smarmy /weaselly) demeanor; (2) a neo-Nazi, alt-right, white-supremacist who does not display sufficient reverence for Adolf Hitler (like making constant "seig heil" salutes in public); (3) a never-Trumper
Mitt Romney is obviously NOT a cuckturd!
by Eppypotamus January 17, 2020
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white-supremacist septuagenarian fucktard whose early-morning defecations are accompanied by spewings of Hitlerian hate speech via Twitter Rage; see Donald J. Trump; also: assclown; Republican
Donald J. Trump is the proto-typical short-fingered vulgarian.
by Eppypotamus June 20, 2019
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