an irrational and irritable assclownish beast that is completely immunized {hannitized magatized} to logic-or-reason, any-and-all negative facts-or-evidence concerning Trump, and remains a devout and mindless supporter of the buffoon.
Like turds in a public Porta-Potty, Trumpanzees agglomerate in large putrid piles at Trump rallies.
by Eppypotamus June 19, 2019
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A filthy, chimeric beast with the form of a human being but with an irrational, violent mind closer to a wild primate, resulting from an aberrant social experiment from 2016 to 2020, in which ordinary hillbillies and their diaspora were conditioned employing a tsunami of deliberate misinformation that altered their perceptions, along with intellectual and empathetic capacity.

Donald John Trump, a former New York reality-show host and known sociopath, was the primary source and channel for the misinformation, which resulted in his election to the office of President. During his term of office, he tested the trance-like loyalty of his subjects with ever more degrading and humiliating acts (see communion, diaper), culminating in a homicidal trumpanzee insurrection on January 6, 2021, against Congress as they certified the electoral college ballots from the 2020 general election, which Trump lost by nearly 8 million votes.

Despite intensive investigation, scientists are unsure if the trumpanzee conditioning can be reversed, as there appears to be permanent brain damage.
Ordinary citizen 1: Watch out, that trumpanzee is about to charge.
Ordinary citizen 2: No problems. That's why god gave us bear spray.
by Tjanvier January 7, 2022
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a blind Trump supporter who gets triggered just by the mention of Trump in bad light. similar to SJW's of the right-wing.
"Wow! There are so many dislikes on this YouTube video"
"Dude, this video critical of Trump. It must be the work of the Trumpanzees"
by sader June 12, 2017
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A Trumpanzee is a mindless follower and believer of Donald Trump. Observe these primitive creatures from a safe distance, as they are known to attack. Trumpanzee's are un-evolved members of society known for nonsensical, sexist, racist, and inflammatory remarks. Their low intelligence makes them impervious to facts, and they seem to have an affinity to HUGE walls. - -Do not engage - -
"FOX NEWS is showing some Trumpanzee's attacking a guy at a Trump rally . It is scary, but fascinating to watch them go Ape-Sh*t!!"
by eight675three09 March 18, 2016
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(noun) a fanatical follower of Donald J. Trump and his campaign for president. Typically irrational, always biased. Trumpanzee is a compound word borrowing from his name and the common wild chimpanzee. Trumpanzees will often be reduced to primitive mob behavior seen among troops of chimpanzees in their natural habitat. When challenged they will group together howling and shrieking. When that doesn't chase off the subject the Trumpanzees will coordinate attacks with one flank advancing while the other flank flings copious amounts of fresh poo. Rain gear, boots, gloves and a full face shield should be worn when venturing into a Trumpanzee enclosure.
Rational person #1: So I hear Donald Trump is holding a rally downtown tonight.
Rational person #2: Yeah, the streets will be teeming with Trumpanzees by 8 o'clock.
Trumpanzee streaking past: Trump!Trump!Trump!USA!USA! You're a fuckin liberal! TrumpTrumpTrump!
Rational person #2: See?

Rational person #1: Mhm.
by johnoneillnyc April 24, 2016
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Specifically: A supporter of Donald J. Trump.

More generally: A person of caveman type intellect who follows lies and simplistic ideas, even when the truth would serve him or her better.
I can't believe he actually paid me to rent the Brooklyn Bridge. Only a trumpanzee would be that naive.
by Qbie February 24, 2018
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An irrational creature prone to wild overreaction, rattling its cage at the slightest provocation and indiscriminately flinging its faeces around until everything is covered in excrement.
(That is the original definition from the person who coined the term)
"The devout Trumpanzee is immune to fact or evidence caring only for the unintelligible howls of the tribe's Alpha male"
by The Angry Baboon December 6, 2017
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