props that you get from sellin that funky skunky smelly geen shit. word.
you got ma twenny nigga?
by super dee man March 27, 2003
Financier is a small French almond cake, that is flavoured with Beurre Noisette and also was baked in a small mold.
it's light and moist with a single crisp, eggshell-like exterior, the traditional financier also contain egg whites, flour, and some powdered sugar.
some of the molds are small rectangular loaves similar in size to petit fours.

if you want to pronounce financier it's like "Finən'sir" not "Finan'sier"
I just started eating Financier by travelling to French and it tasted like heaven!
by holydrugs May 19, 2022
Used as a substitute for "finance related things or reasons" by me. It almost comes naturally. Especially the plural form.

"Because of/due to financial reasons"
Should be " Because of/due to financialities"

A: Hey Dwayne, what happened with that new car you were talking about?
B: Nah bro, can't for now. Financialities you know...
A: Financiality ? Is that even a word?
B: It is now.
by Fiole Jaugée August 14, 2020
A Female who has a fetish for receiving money from submissives who shares the Financial Domination fetish.
MissTriss is a wonderful Financial Dominatrix who teaches the art of Financial Domination .
by MissTrissMatterMindTraing March 23, 2017
the act of filing for bankruptcy every 10 years because your wife's spending habits and your insane lifestyle wont allow you to pay your bills or save for the future.
"Hey I heard you are filing for bankruptcy"? "Yeah our deathwatch} hasn't paid out yet and G has a new new G Ride and we needed some financial security to keep funding our insane lifestayle" "WOW! You're a loser"! "Yeah I know"
by AssaKammer January 3, 2018
phi-nan-shull teh-wō-wist

1. Any person or entity that knowingly and willingly distorts the financial markets and/or the economy at large for their own personal benefit or political benefit at the expense of a large body politic.

Examples include:
The Primary Dealers
The Federal Reserve
Henry Paulson
Ben Bernanke
Henry Paulson
Ben Bernanke
Jon Corzine
Bernie Madoff
Lloyd Blankfein
Kenneth Lay
Timothy Geithner
Bank of America
Brian Moynihan
Many US Senators
Many members of US House of Representatives
George Bush
Barack Obama
Bank of England
European Central Bank
Mario Monti
Lucas Papademos

and many, many more financial terrorists....
by George Stuffalottapuss December 30, 2011
aka gold digger, it refers to a woman (or man) who "digs for riches" by entering into romantic relationships with ballers, doctors, and lawyers. Such an individual is more interested in your bank account, bling, status, or cocaine than you.
Girls cum to Harvard to learn how to become financial geologists.
by Muxgasm into your Anoose April 13, 2011