Mournful or touching. Irish tunes.
The last song in their set was so poignant that the audience began to weep.
by saveit January 26, 2014
a word like moist. some people hate to hear it.
Martha said poignant on the podcast!
by peachesviolence January 30, 2022
How someone from New Jersey tries to say "Pregnant".
"Awww man, I just got mah guhl poignant"
by zer0t October 22, 2011
Some of that was actually poignant.
Hym “Poignant but still fucking derivative of me. And here I remain. Uncredited for my contribution. Why? Because and only because I’m slow to violence...”
by Hym Iam September 30, 2022
Some of that was actually poignant though....
Hym “Some of the not-me portions of it were poignant.... but other portions were me so you both can fuck each other”

by Hym Iam September 30, 2022