139 definition by Alan

the only effective policing force in South Africa.
is that a scorpion in your arms (deal), or are you just glad to see me?
by alan October 21, 2004

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statistics paid by the companies to make there product look better than the cheaper one often calculated by biased tests using pc and 3d mark.
The benchmarks for HL2 show that on this PC a radeon 9200 gets 300 fps while the gf fx 5950 ultra only gets 10. :(.

see fps
by alan March 27, 2004

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A bar in the early 1910's, which served "needled" or fortified beer. So called because you have a drink, walk a block and drop dead. Also called a "blind pig."
The proprietors of the block-and-drop joint had set up a practice of drugging their beer, then rolling the patrons that passed out.
by Alan June 04, 2004

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A slutty Whore
Your sisters a slore
by Alan May 22, 2003

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adj. or n.

incompetent, foolish, sexually frustrated, enraged, or one who displays these characteristics.

derived from 'bannana hammock' (revealing speedo-style bathing suit on a male) and the characteristic color of certain parts of the male genetalia.
n: Boy, the manager at Wal-Mart sure is mad today. He's such a purple hammock.

adj: You're giving all the wrong asnwers; it's quite purple hammock of you.
by alan October 26, 2004

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the zen-point of coolness, presented with an airy, devil-may-care attitude.
damn. where did lola get that bandana? it's le chique le cool, nuff said!
by alan October 19, 2004

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someone who takes your porn, watches it, rips you off for being into a 'sub-genre of a sub-genre', then gives the porn to fano, and it's never to be seen again.
where's the porn?
dunno, i think jaunbrand has it.
you sure? i thought fano had it.
no, jaunbrand has it.
by alan May 04, 2004

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