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Chinese word meaning, "hurry up and cum already." Primarely used in the whore house industry to their customers.
(while hittin' it missionary style)
Chinese Prostitute: "Kavareyaaa!!"
John Doe: "ok miss, dont rush me!"
by Alan February 09, 2005
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Usually a loner, but not always.
Is mentally unstable and usually somebody who spends many hours playing FF11.
Refered to as a 'nub cake' or a 'n00b' on halo.
OmG ! got italaxed!11!!!1oneseven
by Alan January 07, 2005
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an interest-free loan that you don't have to pay back. ever.
i wish all banks worked with zuma-dollars!
yeah. fnb sucks!
by alan October 21, 2004
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a genre of house music favoured by labels like Hed Kandi (amongst others). characterised by loads of female vocals and the fact that jaunbrand is on the dance floor. the girls also like to dance to it. no correlation between these 2 occurences has yet been identified.
damn, fano and jaunbrand are tearing up the dancefloor.
by alan June 14, 2004
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An opium addict. See hop-head.
The weepers on the Bowery went to Hop-Sing's to get their fix.
by Alan June 04, 2004
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someone who angers the gods on a frequent basis. not to be confused with loki (see louwtjie).
god: 'jaunbrand is really pissing Me off today. i think I'll smite him, or he should get on his knees and repent.'
by alan June 02, 2004
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mackin on a woman with whom your only intentions are to score, (bang the hell out of) with.
Damn, Fred was jizzmackin' that babe so hard he almost got laid at the bar.
by alan March 29, 2004
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