Auckland is a city in North Island, New Zealand. It is situated on an isthmus and is the largest urban region and chief port of the country. The chief exports are frozen meats, dairy products, wool, hides, and iron and steel. Petroleum, iron and steel products, wheat, sugar, and fertilizers are the leading imports. Auckland is also New Zealand's leading industrial center. The chief industries are engineering, motor vehicle and chemical manufacturing, and food processing. It is also a fishing port and the chief base of the New Zealand navy. Maoris and persons of Maori ancestry comprise roughly one seventh of the populace, giving the city the largest Polynesian population in the world. Auckland was founded in 1840 and was the capital of New Zealand from 1841 to 1865. Educational institutions include the Univ. of Auckland and the Auckland Institute of Technology. The Auckland War Memorial Museum has a collection of Maori art. Other sights include a maritime museum and the Sky Tower. The Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron, based in Auckland, won the America 's Cup in 1995 and successfully defended in 2000, but lost in 2003. In the area of the city are many extinct volcano cones, including Mt. Eden and Rangitoto.
Auckland and Wellington are the principle cities of New Zealand.
by jeepmeepPEEP January 30, 2005
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The biggest city in New Zealand. By Australian and world standards needs to catch up in terms of public transport and livability, although I think this is starting to happen so I am not bitching too much.
Auckland and Wellington are New Zealand's largest cities.
by Paul Ward September 5, 2006
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The largest city in New Zealand, situated in the north island. Probably the blindest city in the country to the fact that the rest of the country exists. Aucklanders are very similar to Americans with their one-person SUVs and angry drivers; See JAFA.
I don't mind paying for Auckland's roads; Yeah Right. - Tui Ad
by Jevon February 2, 2004
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The most populated city in New Zealand, being about 1.5 million. IT is situated at one of the narrowest points on the North Island, and has been host to such events as the America's Cup. Also know as the City of Sails, for its keen interest in yachting.
Many New Zealanders argue that Auckland should, in fact be the Capital City of New Zealand, for its size, growth, infrastructure and sights. It also boasts some of the best golf courses in New Zealand, such as Formosa Auckland Country Club, Gulf Harbour, The Grange...and many many more.
Auckland is home to The Warriors League team, and the Auckland Blues, for Rugby Union.
Wellington Resident: Damn, I wanna live in Auckland n b a Jaffa.

Auckland Resident(ME): Ima kill me that smacktard who knocked us Jaffas! We rule, and the only reason u talkin' shit, ma fren, is cos we is betta!!
by Nastypieceawork May 1, 2004
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The largest city in New Zealand and the shit hub of the world. The growth of the city far exceeded original plan s leading to massive infrastructure failure and problems with the mediocre sewage system. The city is literally spewing too much shit.
Hey man I'm going to New Zealand

Fuck, avoid Auckland, you'll come out with dysentery.
by ExtendedDildo June 22, 2018
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The shittiest most crime filled city in New Zealand. They like to pretend they're the best and convince bands on tour to only go there. Mostly full of Maoris and pacific islanders.
Atleast its not Auckland. They'd kill you.
by Polkadooooooooty August 1, 2011
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A volcanic town on an Island in the South Pacific populated by tourists, immigrants and foreign students.

Sometimes you will see moari, locals, or "pakeha" as they are known. The chief concern of the Aucklander is "getting back to nature" while doing their best to not to get anywhere near it. This involves airconditioning units, expensive sandles, personal locator beacons and shorts that are possibly a little too long and a little too short. The grandest fashion statement an Aucklander can make is to wear his shirt out.

The scenery is very nice, in an 1963 type way, and since the air is unpolluted, all colours are still as they appear in real life. A town to visit if you like to wait, enjoy electricity blackouts, or if you just want to know what it was like before you were born. One of the last places on earth where the sun doesn't scare people. Be careful of the sense of humour - all jokes must be first cleared with the Minister for Hilarity. Often it takes up to 6 six weeks for the punchline to be approved.
Tourist 1: Is this the Bus to Whakawhangawhanga?
16 year old tourist guide: Ummm let me check...
Tourist 2: She's been gone an hour.
Tourist 1: Let's ask a passerby.

Southerner: Where have you come from?
Tourist: We flew into Auckland
Southerner: You mean DORKland.

Foreign Student: Yay! Auckrand!
Tourist: Huh?
by tam9 February 23, 2011
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