Older British word (early/mid 20th Century for certain) for women's knickers. Probabaly originates from 'drawing up' the underwear (as in drawing curtains closed/open).
My mother came rushing back in "I have forgotten to put on my drawers!
by PaulJustPaul December 27, 2007
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A term for one's underwear, but sometimes your pants. Usually used a African-Americans and pronounced "draws". Will Smith in the Fresh Prince had a pair of lucky draws. A common phrase is to "pull up yo draws" telling someone to pull up their underwear/pants.
"A real G throughobred from from the streetz pants saggin wit mah gun in mah drawers"- Akon
by LaRon May 11, 2006
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Hey Suzie, you`re a good Drawer. I`m gonna go watch Treehouse now!
by LUVUBOYEE November 4, 2012
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The sliding piece(s) of a dresser that you can store your items inside. Usually stacked vertically.
I keep all my underwear in the top drawer of my dresser, and my pants in the drawer below it.
by Toro April 26, 2006
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For sale: Chest drawers for women's drawers, $10 per item.
by aragreeen December 11, 2011
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When a person doesn't know he/she is gay/lesbian, but EVERYONE else does. (This person is often found in theatre.)

This is not to be confused with in the closet which implies that the person in question knows about his/her own homosexuality.
#1: Trent: Omg! I went to see Patti LuPone on Broadway last week! It was amaaaaazing!

Lisa: Are you sure you're straight?

Trent: Positive, sweety. I love the ladies :D

#2: Lisa: I can't believe how obvious it is that Trent is gay!

Jessica: Yeah, Trent is mad stuck in the drawer
by pattis baby June 16, 2010
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