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To shoot your man juice up on ur bitch.
Bob skeeted all over Sally's face.
by Alan March 10, 2004

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Commonly used by some ignorant people as a catch-all term for all Asian Americans and Asian imigrants.
Person # 1: Dude, look at that Chinese girl over there, hot isn't she?

Person # 2: Hey, man, her names Mary, her parents are Korean, and I've known her since middle school!
by Alan May 08, 2004

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usually involves a toilet and a good magazine
nothing like a good read on the throne
by alan December 26, 2003

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1. Government intelligence agents, see G-men.

2. Anyone involved in espionage.
1. Careful on this phone line, there could be spooks listening in.

2. I heard this place was crawling with spooks, some kind of weapon of mass destruction is being sold or something.
by Alan May 09, 2004

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the most beautiful woman one this earth
just look at her or wach one of her movies
by Alan November 10, 2004

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1930's term for a person who smoked weed. So called for the hissing noise produced by the joint when smoked.
the viper dreamed about a reefer 10 feet long
by Alan June 04, 2004

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Da cops,5-0, tha motherfuckin police.
Got damn pigs pulled us over for speeding.
by Alan March 10, 2004

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