137 definitions by Alan

a term first coined by bruno morphet when referring to jaunbrand. it is normally used in a hushed tone.
hey bruno morphet. please make sure you put satan's little helper on the guestlist.
oh fuck. better pack in some girlie house.
by Alan June 14, 2004
Causing a sheep to defeciate upon a famous landmark or historical monument
I went up the Auckland sky tower last night with a sheep and got holacolistic
by Alan June 15, 2004
A paper or coins use to deceive the mind; the leading cause of death and crimes, the only way a dork can get laid
Bill Gates got laid because the girl got paid
by Alan October 8, 2004
Common insult, usually partaining to a man.
Johnny, you wack bastard, I oughta smack you in the mouth!
by Alan May 9, 2004
I hoked a fat oyster a spit it in D's face.
by Alan October 19, 2003
Leather Personnel Carrier: footwear. Combat boots, boots in general, shoes, sandals, etc.

Based on the military's fascination with obscure nomenclatures (their name for "name") for ordinary objects, and for acronyms.
Sergeant: "Awraight, maggit, do you think you can operate those LPC's and go fill these five-gallon cans from the water buffalo two miles up the road without hurting anybody?"
by Alan July 28, 2004