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A strong woman with a determination to reach her dreams. Follower of Christ. Motherly. Hardworking. Creative. Country soul who would rather be in the woods than in a crowded city. She needs a man who works hard as she will help him reach his full potential while working side by side just as hard to build a future.
He thought he could conquer the world alone, but found life so much easier with Christy by his side.
by Perfect partner in life January 17, 2017
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Has a nice sense of style that no one else has.
Is sweet to talk to. loves people.
is a swinger when it comes to dating.
is shy sometime, but can lose control too.
ohh yeah she's hot!
she's my girl.christy
by boo37189 February 20, 2009
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prolly the most beautiful girl in the world

look into her eyes and youl fall over if she smiles just from how amazing she is

so beautiful you could tare into her eyes all day and know everythings okay

the girl who deserve to be treated like the angel she is

Overall amazing and perfect
Christy!!! : christy k :)
by ANNNNDDDYYYY October 31, 2010
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A girl who is wild and free. She just loves to have a good time with her friends. She always has to be listening to her music. She is very good at comforting you when you're down and is very sweet. She is always eating though she is not fat.
Girl 1: Man I love Christy. She is so good at making you feel beter about things.

Girl 2: I know! Not to mention the best person to sing and party with!
by Energia25 February 05, 2010
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The sweetest girl ever. She (usually) has green eyes and brown hair and is beautiful in her own way. She is very innocent and loves things like princesses and flowers and animals. Shy with strangers but absoulutely crazy with her friends. Christys are very trustwothy and give good advice. Shes smart and does well in school. She can be uptight but is overall pretty much perfect.
Shes so sweet. She must be a christy.
by Thesnoflake April 20, 2013
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a cool, smart, fair, kind, often sexy, boss
Being at work was something to look forward to working for a christy.
by The Summit January 17, 2008
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