A strong woman with a determination to reach her dreams. Follower of Christ. Motherly. Hardworking. Creative. Country soul who would rather be in the woods than in a crowded city. She needs a man who works hard as she will help him reach his full potential while working side by side just as hard to build a future.
He thought he could conquer the world alone, but found life so much easier with Christy by his side.
by Perfect partner in life December 20, 2016
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Christy is a beautiful person on the inside and out but she doesnt think she is pretty, she thinks she very ugly. She is very humble and caring, she cares for her friends more than herself and helps her family and friends as much as she can. She has great friends and she is always there for them but most of them have been separated from her. She is very insecure while as she lives her family makes it worse, she ends up not talking to them and care for her friends more, her life is full if drama. She is very supportive and does not care for herself, you really need a friend like Christy. Shes very fun and makes sad into a funny happy situation. Shes trustworthy and cares a lot for you, but doesnt show it. Her love life and relationship with her family is ruined and she hates herself but pretends like she okay but shes not, Her love life is very sad because she does not tell anyone about the person but then someone she knows likes them but she is supportive so she gives them their happily ever after while she tries to support and protect her friends. She feels like she is hated by everyone and feels like they talk behind her back. She has black and brownish hair and dark briwn eyes. Dont ever let her go. She would kill herself. She acts tough but cries, she is very miserable but hides it all with a smile, she hides all her pain and acts like everythings okay. You need her as much as she needs you.
Girl: who is he hanging with, it looks like hes having fun?
Friend: that must be Christy
by Anna._.513 November 22, 2018
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A girl who is wild and free. She just loves to have a good time with her friends. She always has to be listening to her music. She is very good at comforting you when you're down and is very sweet. She is always eating though she is not fat.
Girl 1: Man I love Christy. She is so good at making you feel beter about things.

Girl 2: I know! Not to mention the best person to sing and party with!
by Energia25 February 05, 2010
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The sweetest girl ever. She (usually) has green eyes and brown hair and is beautiful in her own way. She is very innocent and loves things like princesses and flowers and animals. Shy with strangers but absoulutely crazy with her friends. Christys are very trustwothy and give good advice. Shes smart and does well in school. She can be uptight but is overall pretty much perfect.
Shes so sweet. She must be a christy.
by Thesnoflake April 20, 2013
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Hot,flawless,confident,skinny body,and loves excercising. She is very popular. She doesn't ever need makeup.
-Dude I got a boner while talking to this girl.

-She was probably a Christy
by Unicornnnnnnnnnmn (: October 24, 2015
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The greatest friend you could ever have. The girl who makes you happy on your worst days. Someone who your closer to than anyone else you will ever meet. You can sit in a room with her for days and never run out of things to say. Shes beautiful and pretty much perfect.
I talked with that girl for hours...shes definately a Christy
by Abby Lane April 05, 2010
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