A common phrase used by white waiters in an Indian restaurant that is spoken in an Indian accent for a bit of authenticity.
Would you like a poppadom? He said.
by Famsham February 15, 2018
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Used to inquire about whether one would agree to accept a duel via Xbox. Usually Madden 04' or NBA 2K4. Coined by Dawood Dagna (Babson 05'). Not to be confused with kick ass rapper THE GAME.
FacetedIntellect: Would you like a game?TDanza924: Fuck off, I am going to bed. There will be no game.
by Steven Muntner *see RAT-MAN March 28, 2005
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the annoying question that the waiter/waitress asks you after your meal at a restaurant, when they actually imply: "would you like your check" because they are afraid to ask "would you like your check"
waiter: would you like dessert now?

customer: NO just give me my goddamn check and stop pretending that i don't know what you mean
by jzzombie August 1, 2010
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said to someone for purposes of randomosity. Would you like a spoon is a completely random comment used to confuse people to death.
Me:alrite mate
someone: Alrite, how ya doin?
Me: Im alrite thanks, would you like a spoon?
Someone: Blarg i am dead
by The muchos Legendarios Carlo October 3, 2003
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Simple game in which one person will say Would you like a glass of....When saying WATTTAAA the person will make it sound like a bruce lee soundFX and hit the other person in the chest.
by Mat Lee April 26, 2007
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