The worst possible torture someone could go through, it means that one is not getting the nutrition one needs in order to survive.
"I am so hungry, give me some pizza please."
by Christopher Fuhrer September 27, 2004
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What you get when you don't eat food. If you get very hungry, you begin to starve. If you get even more hungry you die.
Hey, yo man. Do you have some shit to give to a poor starvin' soul my brother?
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when you dont eat anything, your stomach goes ~growl~
do anorexic peoples stomachs go ~growl~ ?
by me hungreee me need food. July 29, 2003
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Eager to take on unnecessary extra work, in order to ingratiate oneself with the bosses.
"He volunteered for a double shift, AGAIN.
Sheeesh, what a hungry brown-noser."
by Tilleroon December 28, 2009
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hey baby, im so hungry for you, lets have sex
by alex walker March 31, 2008
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when you'll do almost anythin to get wat you want.
im not givin up on my career, im too hungry for that.
by da madd scientist October 3, 2003
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