A male of Middle-Eastern descent who cannot resist trying to pick up pretty girls on the internet by harassing them.
"Bobbi posted a picture of the cutest kitten for Caturday, and her thread was bombarded by a bunch of Sheep Sheep. They kept calling her Boobi."

Sheep Sheeps tend to type things such as, "Hey bby," "Nice dear," "Show me bewbz," "Come online to chat now," "You do sexy chat."
by ricketyshack October 30, 2012
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Someone who mindessly follows and emulates anything and everything in the name of fame/recognition. A waste of flesh and brain cells.
Many of the kids where I live are sheep.
by RatchetBoo April 26, 2003
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"The Sheep" is a term usually used used in place of awesome, rad, or cool.
Me-"Hey man, whats up?"
Friend-"Well, I just bought a new sports car"
Me-"Dude, those cars are The Sheep!!!"
Friend-"Yeah, Thanks"
by ~G-Racing~ April 29, 2010
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1. A group of people who lack the capacity for careful consideration, imagination, or individual thought, who thusly go with group and allow god awful trends and events to unfold and make us all miserable.

2. In some cultures, a substitute or alternate for a woman in the act of sex
1. People who vote along party lines are sheep, and need to be given a good bitch slap to the face.

2. Iowa, where the men are men, and the sheep are scared.
by puma_blues March 29, 2004
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To sheep it is to follow everyone else when you don't know where you're going or what is happening. Derived from the term 'sheep', used to describe one who does what others do in an effort to fit in.
1st speaker: any idea where the after party is?

2nd speaker: nah, just gonna sheep it
by Jacob x5 June 29, 2010
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To send email from another user's account, notifying the world that this person has broken computer security policy by walking away from their computer and left it unlocked.
"Erin must have gotten sheeped! I just got an email from her saying she loved sheep and wanted to find some sailors to share them with!!"

"I'm a little teapot and I love SHEEP!"
by rgillies May 15, 2009
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